Yes. Alfie is a Registered Massage Therapist, registered with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario)

2. Do you bill directly to insurance company?

Once payment is rendered, you will recieve a receipt with Alfie's RMT registration number. Depending on your coverage, you may be able to send the receipt to your insurance for potential reimbursement.

3. Do I have to wear a mask? During treatment will the therapist be weariing a mask?

We welcome both choices. The therapist will wear a mask upon request or if the patient arrives at the office wearing a mask.

4. What should I wear during treatment?

You will dress to the level of your comfort. Typically, for best results your skin should be accessible. Generally, your body will be covered by a sheet and only the area being treated will be exposed. At times, depending on what is required the therapist may ask you to wear shorts and a T-shirt/sports bra. This is usually asked of athletes in training such as runners.

5. How long is the initial appointment?

All initial appointments are 1 hour in length.  Duration for subsequent treatments will be based on assessment and treatment findings?

6. What makes the treatment methodology unique?

The methodology and the deployment of techniques has been developed over 23 years by Alfie Vente. The techniques are precise and accurate and is utilized in a controlled aggressive manner. The focus of the techniques is to release the soft tissues via deep muscle work and treating the fascia.

7. Are the treatments painful?

In short, yes. There potentially will be prolonged durations of pain and discomfort throughout the treatment and soreness post-treatment. Having said all of this, you will at any given time during the treatment you can ask to stop or modify the pressure.

8. Why can the treatments be painful?

At times, chronic pain can be caused by extreme tightness of the muscles and fascia. This tightness may require aggressive techniques to "release" the tissues. Depending on how tight the structures are the level of discomfort may range from a soreness to a potentially excruciating pain. Over time as the tissues relax, the pain should diminish significantly.

9. I am currently receiving treatment. Will you work with other healthcare providers?

Yes. In fact we believe that healthcare providers should communicate and work together to help in the patient's healing.

10. Will you provide a treatment plan?

Yes. We recommend for new patients who have chronic issues 4 treatments over 4 consecutive weeks. After the 4th treatment we reassess and make a decision as to how to further proceed.