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Who we are?

Welcome to Vente Pain Relief Clinic! We are Downtown Toronto's premier deep tissue Massage Therapy and fascial therapy clinic.

We are the expert consultants treating pain stemming from chronic muscle and connective tissue tightness.

We are a family owned business. A husband and wife team. Alfie Vente as the therapist and Sandra as the administrator.

What do we treat?

Our expertise is working with patients that suffer from long standing chronic pain, stemming from extreme tightness of the muscles and fascia. 

Many of our patients have had chronic pain issues for months and even years. Many of them have tried multiple therapies and different therapists but have had minimal results.

We have a battle tested methodology that has shown consistent results over time for chronic pain and tightness.

These are some of the common dysfunctions and conditions that we treat and have shown excellent results over time:

Treatment Methodology:

Our methodology is unique. It can be described as brutally effective. The treatments techniques are focused, precise and accurate.  There is a controlled aggression when techniques are deployed. The treatments are based on deep muscle work and techniques to the fascia.

Acupuncture may also be used as part of the scope of Massage Therapy.

About Alfie Vente RMT:

Alfie Vente is a Registered Massage Therapist, registered with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario). He uses his over 23 years of experience to assist patients manage their issues. 

He has a strong belief in the methodology that he has developed over the years. He has a passion, love and a focus for his craft and enjoys teaching his patients about their condition and mindset for their treatment.